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Palworld | List of all the Palworld Server Settings

Server Settings for Your Palworld Server

Configuring the PalWorldSettings.ini file is crucial for customizing your Palworld server hosted on Skynode. This file is typically located at Pal » Saved » Config » LinuxServer » PalWorldSettings.ini.

If the file is missing, refer to this Skynode guide for creating and modifying it.

Explanation of All the Settings You Can Change

Here's a breakdown of the various settings available in the PalWorldSettings.ini file and what they control:

DifficultyNone - Doesn't seem to matter for dedicated servers.
DayTimeSpeedRate=1.000000Changes how long daytime lasts.
NightTimeSpeedRate=1.000000Changes how long night lasts. Suggested 5.000000
ExpRate=1.000000Modifies how much experience you get.
PalCaptureRate=1.000000How likely you are to capture Pals.
PalSpawnNumRate=1.000000How frequently Pals spawn.
PalDamageRateAttack=1.000000How much damage Pals do.
PalDamageRateDefense=1.000000How much damage Pals take.
PlayerDamageRateAttack=1.000000How much damage players do.
PlayerDamageRateDefense=1.000000How much damage players take.
PlayerStomachDecreaceRate=1.000000Rate at which hunger decreases.
PlayerStaminaDecreaceRate=1.000000Rate at which stamina decreases.
PlayerAutoHPRegeneRate=1.000000How quickly HP will be automatically restored when hurt.
PlayerAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep=1.000000How much HP is regenerated while sleeping.
PalStomachDecreaceRate=1.000000Rate at which Pal hunger decreases.
PalStaminaDecreaceRate=1.000000Rate at which Pal stamina decreases.
PalAutoHPRegeneRate=1.000000How quickly Pal HP will be automatically restored when hurt.
PalAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep=1.000000How much Pal HP is regenerated while sleeping.
BuildObjectDamageRate=1.000000Damage to objects.
BuildObjectDeteriorationDamageRate=1.000000How much damage built objects will take over time.
CollectionDropRate=1.000000Rate at which items are gathered from things like trees or rocks.
CollectionObjectHpRate=1.000000How much HP breakable world items have.
CollectionObjectRespawnSpeedRate=1.000000How quickly objects like trees respawn.
EnemyDropItemRate=1.000000Frequency enemies will drop items.
DeathPenalty=AllDetermines what is dropped on death. Can be set to none.
bEnableInvaderEnemy=TrueDetermines if bases are being attacked. Can be set to True or False.
bEnableAimAssistPad=TrueLets you enable or disable aim assist.
bEnableAimAssistKeyboard=FalseLets you enable or disable aim assist
DropItemMaxNum=3000Max amount of dropped items allowed at one time.
BaseCampMaxNum=128Max amount of bases that can be built at once.
BaseCampWorkerMaxNum=15Max amount of worker Pals that can be at a camp.
DropItemAliveMaxHours=1.000000How long dropped items will stay spawned before disappearing.
bAutoResetGuildNoOnlinePlayers=FalseIf true, a guild will be disbanded if no players are online.
AutoResetGuildTimeNoOnlinePlayers=72.000000How quickly an inactive guild will be disbanded.
GuildPlayerMaxNum=20Max guild player number.
PalEggDefaultHatchingTime=72.000000How long it takes to hatch Pal eggs. Suggested 15,000000
WorkSpeedRate=1.000000How quickly Pals work.
CoopPlayerMaxNum=4Max amount of players in a party.
ServerPlayerMaxNum=32Max players allowed on a server (caps at 32).
ServerName="Default Palworld Server"Server name
ServerDescription=""What is shown when selecting the server in the list. Don't Touch this
AdminPassword=""Password used to grant admin access.
ServerPassword=""Password needed for regular players to join.

If you want to know how to set a password for your Palworld server, please checkout this tutorial

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Updated on: 29/01/2024

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