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Panel | How to claim a free server

This article applies to Free Minecraft Java, Free Minecraft Bedrock, and Free Terraria servers.

Go to the panel

Click "Claim a free server"

Type the name you want for the server and the type of server.

Your screen should look like this except the name field should have something in it:

Click "Create Server" in the bottom right, and you are done.

The server installer should run for a few moments, simply keep refreshing the page.

If you have issues, please read the next section.

Common issues:

You have an adblocker, or are using a browser like Brave which has one in it. Please turn off your adblocker, and if you have them Brave's shields. Then refresh the page.

Your browser has an unknown issue: Try an incognito window while claiming. Or Try another browser on your PC.

Any other issues can also be solved from trying to connect on another device, like a different PC or mobile phone.

If none of this works for you, open a ticket.

Updated on: 07/02/2022

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