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How to use subusers (multiple accounts)

Step 1: Login to the panel ( and select the server you want to create a subuser for.

Step 2: Click on Users on tab bar.

Step 3: In the bottom right corner there is a button named 'New user', click it.

Step 4: Enter the email of your subuser in the top field called 'User Email'.

Step 5: Now select all the permission you would like your subuser to have. Just click on the box (check box) next to it to select a permission.

Step 6: Once you have setup all the permissions you click 'Invite User' on the top.

Step 7: Your subuser will get an email to the given email address with his username and password, he can now perform the actions you gave him permission to.

You are all done!

NOTE: Always use subusers, never give the password of your account to someone else. With subusers you can easily disable their permissions/account in case of an emergency.
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