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As a free user, what can I ask support for?

Generally, you can ask for support for anything that is a problem with Skynode.

For example:

A node being down
Panel issues (a few exceptions)
Website issues (it being down/having an error/etc.)

As a free user, you may also ask for support with anything that would not be different if you were a paid client.

For example,

If you are unable to use the Jar Installer
You are unable to add server allocations (extra ports)
You are unable to use subdomains.

As a free user, you can also apply for partnership and request help in upgrading to a paid subscription.

As a free user, you cannot ask for support with:

Server specific issues like plugins/installation of Jar files.
Updating/downgrading your game version.
Changing your Java version (You can use this guide to change your Java version)

If you need support with one of the issues that you aren't able to make a ticket about, please use The Helpdesk, Google, or another resource.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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