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Terraria | Enable Server Side Character on TShock

Terraria | Enable Server Side Character on TShock

What Server Side Characters Are?

Server Side Characters is a special mechanism designed for Terraria servers that forces players to start with fresh characters when they join. This means they lose all of their items. This is purely server-side, though, it will not affect their actual Singleplayer character. Server Side Characters are what you need if you wish to prevent people from bringing in items from other servers and/or singleplayer and force them to start from scratch.

How to Enable it?

1. First, go to your and click view on your server

2. Go to your Files and Open the folder called tshock

3. Find the sscconfig.json and open it

4. You will have to change the false to true in "Enabled": false,

All Done! You now enabled your Server Side Character in your Terraria tShock Server!

Updated on: 23/05/2021

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