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Terraria | How to Change your TShock Server Version

This process require the knowledge of using SFTP. Learn How to Manage Files using SFTP

You have to start your server first to generate the files. Once it's online, STOP it and proceed below.

Download the Version you want on this link TShock Terraria Version Download
It should be a ZIP File

Open your SFTP and login using the credentials on your panel

On the left side, Locate the TShock Terraria Version you downloaded
Example: TShock4.4.0_Pre11_Terraria1.4.0.5

Upload all of the contents of the Folder to your Server Files (Right Side)
You will be uploading the contents of the folder, not the single folder.
You have to overwrite the data.

Go to your Files and delete world files.
world files ends with .wild

You can now start your server.

All done! You can now play on your desired TShock Terraria Server Version!
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