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Terraria | How to have Expert Mode Difficulty on TModLoader Server

TModLoader server is on normal difficulty by default.

TModLoader server doesn't give you an option to choose whether you want your world to be on Expert Mode or Normal Mode. So, here's how to do it

Open your tmodloader client and create a world with expert difficulty.
When you create a world, it is better if you named it world

Enter your world and Exit immediately
This is to generate the other two .wld files

Locate Worlds folder
This PC > Documents > My Games > Terraria > ModLoader > Worlds

Go to your Files Section on your Server Panel at
Don't forget to STOP your server first

You can delete the current world files if you don't need it since you're going to replace it with new world files.
You can download it if you want to by right click
You'll have to remove 4 of them

Now from your Computer Worlds Folder, Drag and Upload the 4 new world files from Step 3)

Start your server and it should have a world in Expert Mode

All done! Your tmodloader is now on Expert Mode!
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