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Terrarira | How to put TShock on your Terraria Server

First, you need to Stop your server.

Then you have to Download TShock zip file here TShockReleases

Open the file and unload the content in the folder to your server using SFTP
( Tutorial on how to use SFTP can be found >here<

Note: override any files when uploading, make sure to make a backup before doing this step

Make a ticket on discord and say I have installed TShock on my Terraria Vanilla and is requesting for the startup command to be changed to

"I just Installed TShock on my server and would like my startup command to be mono TerrariaServer.exe -ip -port {{ SERVER_PORT }} -maxplayers 8 -world {{ WORLD_NAME }}.wld -autocreate {{ WORLD_SIZE }}"
if you got 12, 16, 24, 32 on your plan slots, you can just change the maxplayers 8.

All Done! You now have TShock on your Terraria Server
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