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Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Backup/Download your World with TAR File

You should use an SFTP if your file exceeds 100MB. Learn how to use SFTP here

Stop your server.

Go to your Skynode Game Panel > File Manager > Worlds folder

At the right side of bedrock_level folder you can find ... click that and archive.

If you have changed your world name on, then it should be different from Bedrock level
level-name=Bedrock level in the server properties.

Wait for few minutes or seconds, depends on the file size of your world.

It should generate a TAR file and that is a compressed file of your world. You will see a file name with tar.gz, click the ... next to the file and download

You can extract or unarchive this file using Winrar or 7zip

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All done! You've just downloaded a backup of your world in Bedrock!
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