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Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Upload your World with TAR File

You should use an SFTP if your file exceeds 100MB. Learn how to use SFTP here

Stop your server.

Go to your Skynode Game Panel > File Manager > Worlds folder

Use the UPLOAD button to upload the .tar.gz or .zip file. Make sure to delete the folder inside the worlds folder if there's one. If you need the folder inside it, then make a backup. Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Backup/Download your World in TAR File_

Once the file has been uploaded, right-click on it and Unarchive

Open your file, it is located in Panel > File Manager

Locate level-name=, the default should be level-name=Bedrock level, if the world you uploaded have different name change it. For example, the world name is Tutorial then it should be level-name=Tutorial

If you are having trouble following the guide, please contact us by creating a support ticket on our Discord server.

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Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Backup/Download your World in TAR File

All done! You have uploaded a backup of your world from your Local Computer!
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