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Minecraft | How to Install Plugins on Minecraft Bedrock Server

How to Install Plugins on Bedrock Server

If your server is not running on PocketMine or Nukkit, plugins will not work on your server. Please refer to this link so you can change it. How to Change Bedrock Server Type

1. Download the plugin that you want
You can download pocketmine bedrock plugins on this site PocketMine
You can download Nukkit bedrock plugins on this site Nukkit
Do not download plugins from Bukkit and Spigot because they are for Java Edition.

2. Go to your Files at your server panel

3. Open Locate the folder called Plugins.
If you cannot find the plugins folder, please refer to the instructions above on how to change your bedrock server type.

5. Drag the Plugins that you downloaded to the folder from your computer

6. Click Console, then Restart your server.

All Done! You now have Plugins on your Bedrock Server!

Updated on: 15/10/2023

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