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Minecraft Bedrock | How To Update Your Server To Latest.

How to update your bedrock server to latest.

Before you start, please create a backup just incase here's how: Server Backups

Your server startup version need to be on latest to upgrade your server type to latest.

How to check if it is in latest?
Go to your server panel and find Startup tab and look for the Variable and `Version`
If it's not on latest, create a support ticket and request to change it to latest

Updating your server

Go to panel > Startup (You can find it at top left)

Find Change server type, and select the server type you have.

Click install. Note: Do not check the Wipe Files (Reset server completely) if you do not want to reset your server.

Congrats you're done, your server should be in latest now.

Similar/Useful guide: How to install your bedrock server type

If you are having trouble following these steps please create a support ticket.

Updated on: 22/10/2021

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