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Minecraft | How To Create a Free Minecraft Bedrock Server

How to Create A Free Minecraft Bedrock Server

First register your account on Gaming4Free's website at

Check your email to verify and finish finish the competition of your account.

On the Gaming4Free game panel click the button Claim a Free Server (

Add your server's name and click the server type you would like, in this case Minecraft Bedrock

Then simply click the Create Server button to start the installation of your free server.
Make sure that you have ad-blocker turned off, if you have one. If you are using Google Chrome, here's how you can disable ad-blocker

It might take a few minutes for your server to Install and start up properly. Once the installation is done, you can now start your free server in Panel > Console and click the start button.

You have successfully Installed your Free Minecraft Server, Enjoy!

Still having trouble creating your free server?
You can also contact us by using our LiveChat or by opening a ticket on our Support Discord!

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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