Minecraft Bedrock | How to Upload a Custom World (Vanilla)

Locating the Worlds Folder

Go to your https://panel.skynode.pro/

Click on File Manager

Find the location of the worlds folder which is called worlds in a folder format.

Inside that folder is where you need to upload your World File.

There will be a folder called "Bedrock Level" by default in here if you start your server. This is your current world.

Delete it if you don't need it or rename it to anything you want.

Uploading your Custom World

Compressed your World Folder in a ZIP format.

Just drag and drop the ZIP file on the worlds folder

Once you're done. Right click on the ZIP file and Click Unarchive

Go to File Manager again and open server.properties

Locate the server-name=Bedrock Dedicated Server and change it to the name of the folder of your custom world.

Since the name of the folder that I uploaded is Skynode Bedrock World It will be like this.

Restart the server and it will load the custom world you uploaded.

If you have any other questions, you can submit a ticket on our Discord or create a Billing Ticket.
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