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Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Upload your World with TAR File

You should use an SFTP if your file exceeds 100MB. Learn how to use SFTP here

Go to your and Click View

Stop your server from console to save everything on your world.

Go to Files section at the left side.

Delete the worlds folder.
You can delete it if you think you do not need the world inside it and you can just download it if you think you need it.

Delete the boxed Folder

Upload your Backup TAR File to your Files directory and Refresh.

Blue - Uploading, Green - Uploaded

You can right click and decompress the TAR File and it will generate a worlds folder

Should look like this

Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Backup/Download your World in TAR File

All done! You have uploaded a backup of your world from your Local Computer!
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