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Installing PocketMine-MP Manually

If you prefer a faster method we have a Bedrock Type Installer, this tutorial is only for users who prefer installing their server manually.
Minecraft | How to Install your Bedrock Server Type

Note: If you do not want to lose any of your server files/data, make sure to create a backup.

Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Backup/Download your World with TAR File

Panel | How To Backup Your Server Files To Your Computer

Step 1: Delete all your server files.

Go to panel > files.

Select all the files.

Mass delete.

Step 2: Installing PocketMine-MP .phar.

You can download the jar from here, GitHub Releases or Jenkins (You can choose either of this two, it doesn't matter.)

Upload the PocketMine-MP.phar to your server files

Step 3: Updating your server type

Create a ticket and request to change your server type to pocketmine.

Once all of the steps above is done, then you should be above to start your server now.

Note: Only use this method if our bedrock type installer do not work.
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