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Minecraft | How to Manually Update your Bedrock Vanilla

Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Manually Update your Bedrock Vanilla

You will only have to manually install Bedrock Vanilla if the installer is having problems. Here's the guide to automatic install Vanilla Bedrock

Go to your server Skynode Game Panel

Go to File Manager and make sure that there are no other files, if there's one delete it.

Download the UBUNTU SERVER SOFTWARE FOR UBUNTU Vanilla Bedrock Server Pack

Upload the ZIP file to your server using SFTP CLIENT or the UPLOAD button in panel File Manager

Now Click the ... next to the zip folder and click Unarchive

Go to Startup section, Find Change Server Type and select vanilla bedrock, and install.

If you are having any difficulties, please do submit a ticket about this on our discord server.

All done! You should now be able to run your server

Updated on: 24/10/2021

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