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Minecraft | Bedrock - How to Manually Update your Bedrock Vanilla

You will have to manually update Bedrock Vanilla as the current Installer is having a problem but no worries as this is quick and easy

Go to The Game Panel and click on your server's view button.
Don't forget to STOP your server

Go to "Files"

It is normal and you should not delete your current server files which is like this. You are going to overwrite it so don't delete anything

Click on the "download button, it will look like this:

Paste this link:
This link will constantly change and depends on the latest vanilla version release on Minecraft Bedrock Server

Your Screen Should look like this

Now Click the ... next to the zip folder and click Decompress
If you have to .zip files, you will have to decompress the file that is the latest.
Decompress the one that last modified about seconds* ago as that is the new file

Go to Server Type under Configurations

Update the Vanilla Bedrock and click Do it
This will not delete your server files but will only update it.

Once it is done installing, you can now start your server.

If you are having any difficulties, please do submit a ticket about this on our discord.

All done! You should now be able to run your server
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