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Minecraft | How to Install Sponge Plugins on SpongeForge Server

Spigot/Bukkit Plugins are not the same as Sponge Plugins
You need SpongeForge on your server to use this guide. Learn How to Install Sponge Forge

Go and download the Sponge Plugin that you want on this site Sponge Plugins
Make sure that the Sponge Plugin that you downloaded is compatible with your server version.

Once you're done downloading the Sponge Plugin, you can go to your and select your server

Go to your Files and locate the mods folder.

You can simply Upload by Dragging the Sponge Plugin inside the folder
The mods folder is where you can upload your Sponge Plugin and Forge Mod

Restart the server for the Sponge Plugin to take effect.

All Done! You now have Sponge Plugin on your server!
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